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LIGHT COMPLEX Zildjian K Cosntantinople OVERHAMMERED THIN 22” Ride 2238 g Sizzle

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$499.99 - $499.99
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Here’s a glorious Light Complex K Constantinople 22” that’s incredibly smooth. And you don’t have to guess at what it sounds like.  Have a listen!! 

Only 2238 grams. And it’s an Overhammered beauty! 

GLORIOUS SOUNDING VERY THIN Zildjian K Constantinople 22" THIN OVERHAMMERED Ride Cymbal that is in fantastic condition  

Big. Thin. Light. Complex.  Crashable. The perfect Light Main Ride or Left Side Crash Ride  

Zildjian describes this K Cons as:
"The 22” K Constantinople Thin Ride – Overhammered is thin in weight which gives it a nice dark pitch and plenty of wash. An additional series of over hammered marks on top of the traditional K Constantinople hammering yields a slightly drier sound with excellent stick definition for marking time. Very controllable in that it doesn’t get away from the player when playing fast patterns. This cymbal is specifically designed for small to medium sized group settings."

And that is accurate.  

This particular 22" has a fascinating, ever so slightly dry vibe to it that's followed but a complex wash that has a glorious, light and airy wash. A really nice spread on this thin beauty without being overbearing.

With a svelte weight of only 2238 grams this BIG 22" plays like a great, semi-complex Thin and Dark Ride. The edges are slightly bendable.

Similar to the Bill Stewart Dry Complex Ride but more controlled and focused without as much high end. The spread is wide HOWEVER the stick attack REMAINS prominent. And that is the miracle of this "OVERHAMMERED THIN" Ride.

The bell delivers a semi-integrated med-low Ping-perfect for the latin thing.

When you crash on this Beast, you get a FULL and complex wash with a medium quick sustain. Outfitted with 4 rivets for a stunning rain-on-the-roof sizzle.

Perfect for very soft to medium loud settings  

Amazing condition with the lightest golden patina that mellows it.  No issues.  A stunning 22” Light K Cons!