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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

GLOWING Warm ISTANBUL Mehmet Nostalgia 50s 22” Ride Sizzle 2318 g MINT

Original price $399.99 - Original price $399.99
Original price
$399.99 - $399.99
Current price $399.99
  • This is the ONLY one of these I’ve ever seen in a Factory Sizzle! And it is one of the best 22s” I have right now. 
  • A very hard to find cymbal - especially one you can hear!  Not a bogus stock photo and a guess.

  • Rare Istanbul Mehmet 50s NOSTALGIA 22” Ride Sizzle in immaculate condition. 

  • The end of the road for glowing warm.  This thing makes a K Ride feel like a Z Ride. 

  • This beauty has all the golden glowing warmth of the famous Nostalgia Series but being the 50s version the bell is larger and rounded over giving it a hint more complexity than the standard nostalgia. 

  • And that falls right into line with the Hand Hammered 1950s Vintage Zildjians - like the Block Stamp logo.  And this 22” has that heritage. Golden glowing Hand Hammered tone but with the larger bell found on the 22s” from that era Zildjian.

  • 2318 grams. Terrific stick attack on top with a golden wash that remains mellow and controlled but has a pinch of complexity.  

  • Insanely warm. 

  • Extremely crashable. Very lush! Great solid and large 6” bell for such a mellow cymbal. Outfitted with two brass Factory Rivets for a glow that sounds like it’s 1953. 

  • Perfect for any music - very quiet to loud settings - when you crash on the edge this 22” really opens up and can handle itself in louder gigs.  Great for jazz but not at all limited to jazz.

  • Amazing shape with no issues. Played for the video and that is it. 

  • One of the nicest glowing warm 22s” you will find!