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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Super CLEAN Dark Zildjian K China 17” 1010 g Exotic Lower Pitched

Original price $249.99 - Original price $249.99
Original price
$249.99 - $249.99
Current price $249.99
  • Don’t spend $330 on a big box store guess.  

  • Listen to this Amazing Condition Zildjian K China in the faster 17” size - and buy with confidence.  

  • This particular one is surprisingly dark sounding. It has an exotic tone and could even pass as a larger cymbal because it’s lower pitched. 

  • Still has the quick attack and cut of a smaller sized China.  And of course it had the classic warmth of the K series.  

  • 1010 grams makes it nice and thin. 

  • Zildjian describes this cymbal as:
    “The 17" K China emits an exotic, mellow darker tone. The lower china sound lands more heavily with more body. These chinas are great for inserting dark special effects, and provide a booming sound for sweeping accents.”

  •  There you go!! That indeed is accurate. 

  • You can use this K China for any style.  Low to louder volumes.  

  • It’s in great shape and you can hear it before you buy.