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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Super Dark Low Sabian EARLIER HH Hihats 14” 1033 1460 g

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$249.99 - $249.99
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  • Here are some of the darkest, lowest pitched 14” Hihats you will hear. 

  • The Top Cymbal on this glorious pair has a super low profile - they sound like 16s"!  Very low but still crisp sounding. They sound like dark 16” New Beats but they still PLAY like 14s”. 

  • EARLIER Sabian HH Hand Hammered 14" Regular Hats Hihats that are in Excellent Condition with a beautiful dark patina that makes these HHs very focused.  

  • These particular beauties espouse the time-honored New Beat weight philosophy which ensures a SOLID CHICK and delivers a wonderfully crisp attack.  

  • Although Sabian is renown for their innovation, calling hihats "Regular Hats" is ummmmm...welll....rather uninspired! Bottom Line is these are Sabian's answer to Zildjian K Hihats. That's what the HHs are - but they really ARE Hand Hammered, unlike Zildjians. 

  • Weighing in at a perfect 1033 grams for the Top Cymbal, and 1460 grams for the Bottom Cymbal, these Regular Hats play like ULTRA DARK Low Pitched New Beats or Ks  

  • They have all the warm, glowing tone that catapulted the HH Series to stardom 40 years ago.

  •  Very dark and crisp.  Extremely focused and articulate. Fantastic CHICK tone. Low pitched but still cut extremely well. 

  • They really sound like very crisp, HUGE 16s”.  But they’re not as sluggish as larger hihats.  

  • No issues. A great set of 3 decade aged Earlier DARK HH Hats. Stunning 14s”.