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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Crisp Clean Semi-Dark Paiste Signature SOUND EDGE 14” Hihats 1056 1118 g

Original price $319.99 - Original price $319.99
Original price
$319.99 - $319.99
Current price $319.99
  • $508???? 

  • Holy hell!!! That’s what Signature Sound Edge Hihats costs!!  And you’ll get a stock photo and a guess at what they sound like.  

  • But you need not spend that much money to get that famous Paiste Signature CRISP tone.

  • Far from it! 

  • I have right here this glorious pair of semi-dark sounding Paiste SIGNATURE SOUND EDGE 14” Hihats in fantastic shape!

  • 1056 and 1118 grams. 

  • Famous clean, crisp, articulate PAISTE Signature tone coupled with their patented Rippled Sound Edge bottom Hihat for bone-crunching CHICK. 

  • It was Hihats such as these and players such as Bonham that made Paiste rise above the mountains of Zildjians surrounding them.

  • This particular pair has a sliver of darkness in all that clean tone, which I LOVE. And a nice light patina that dries them out in a subtle a beautiful way. 

  • No issues. Great shape.  Light patina.

  • Famous tone. 

  • Don’t spend over half a grand on a sonic guess of new Paistes that will look exactly like these ones after a few months' play.