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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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  • Here’s an extremely hard to find set of Paiste Hihats…

  • VERY EARLY Paiste SIGNATURE 15” Hihats from 1992. These long discontinued 15s” are from the 3rd year of Paiste Signature production and were a favorite of Mick Fleetwood! What better reason to grab them could there possibly be!

  • And these early Sigs have a slightly different craftsmanship to them. Smooth and clean and clear. But DARK!

  • In this super steroidal marketing world, naming hihats “Medium” or “Regular” (looking at you Sabian) falls flaccid. However the tragedy is the fact that Paiste “Mediums” get overlooked because of the pedestrian moniker. Drummers frequently want the Sound Edge Paistes but the Mediums are actually more focused, tight and offer more punctuated articulation that sits solidly in a mix.

  • And these hard to find 15s” are proof.

  • Clean. Crisp. Fantastically focused. Lower pitched and surprisingly DARK - especially for Signatures.

  • Perfect for laying down massive grooves!  But pull up and play them on top and you have a terrific pair of tight and mellow hihats.

  • Very clean for being 31 years old and they sound phenomenal.

  • Don’t have a guess at your next pair of hihats. Have a listen so you can buy with confidence. And these Early 15s” are not easy to find today.