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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

SILVER Pre Aged Hand Hammered BOSPHORUS ARGENTUM 19” Crash 1428 g Ride

Original price $289.99 - Original price $289.99
Original price
$289.99 - $289.99
Current price $289.99
  • Here's a hard to find factory SILVERY, RAW, THIN CRASH!!  At ONLY 1428 grams it plays like a Thin Crash or smaller Light Ride. The edges are bendable but it holds enough tension to make a great mellow, organic 19” Ride.

  • Gorgeous Handmade in Turkey, Hand Hammered BOSPORUS RAW, SILVERY ARGENTUM 19” Crash Cymbal in IMMACULATE Condition. 

  • That's how this beauty came out! Pre Aged with a RAW, BRUSHED, SILVER appearance/finish.

  • Beautiful craftsmanship on this one too, fully unlathed except for a few subtle rings at the edge & HEAVILY HAMMERED.  

  • No cymbal looks like this one.
  • It’s a cousin to a Turk Crash but it has the silvery pre-aged tone and a bit more body and shimmer than a Turk.

  • Weighing in at a svelte, THIN 1428 gramsthis Bosphorus plays like a SEMI-DARK, FAIRLY DRY, COMPLEX Thin Crash or Light Ride. 

  • The tone is extremely ORGANIC, a pinch dark, a bit DRY and Complex---which is not always an easy combination to find. The initial attack on this 19” yields a terrific spread with myriad overtones, HOWEVER, this 19” being unlathed, those overtones decay quickly leaving a DRY, organic sounding crash. 

  • And at only 1428 grams, this Bosphorus is quick and responsive at lower volumes. It’s splashes open.  It’s right below a Medium Thin in weight.

  • Broad spread, slightly DRY, quick decay, extremely organic tone. That is this Unlathed RAW, SILVER factory Crash.  

  • Perfect for low to medium loud settings. 

  • It covers a lot of positions around the drum set - raw crash. Left Side Crash Ride. Smaller Light Ride.  
  • Immaculate.