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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

ULTRA MELLOW Dry Masterwork Deep Hammer FLAT RIDE SIZZLE 20” 1458 g

Original price $269.99 - Original price $269.99
Original price
$269.99 - $269.99
Current price $269.99
  • This is one of the thinnest, lightest most MELLOW cymbals you will hear!  Period. No big company makes anything close to this beauty!

  • And it’s unbelievably dry sounding too!  It has a super fast decay.  

  • It is a rare combination of extremely mellow and soft with the lightest, complex sibilant HIIIISSSS. 

  • Hand Hammered Masterwork Deep Hammer Prototype 20” Paper Thin FLAT RIDE SIZZLE.

  • As many a cymbalholic know, Masterwork makes some of the warmest, smoothest cymbal lines ever produced. And this one-off 20” is a great example or their dedication to the art.

  • Look at the super fine lathing with very deep, pinpoint hammering. 

  • Very THIN 1458 grams, bendable but still with enough tension to give it a light and clean, dry definition on top

  • The absence of a bell controls the overtones and volume beautifully.  Adorned with 3 factory brass cluster rivets that create a very subtle “hissssssss” Sizzle that extends the light, warm wash.

  • Crash on it for lightning-like accents. Perfect even for hand percussion. I mean this 20” is very light and audit sounding. It’s insanely responsive. 

  • Incredible for very low to medium levels and glorious to record. 

  • No one makes a unique Paper Thin 20” like this. The next closest cymbal is hundreds of grams heavier. 

  • New condition. Immaculate. Nothing like it!