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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

23 YR OLD DRY ORIGINAL Zildjian K CONSTANTINOPLE Medium Ride 20” 2124 g

Original price $449.99 - Original price $449.99
Original price
$449.99 - $449.99
Current price $449.99
  • A K Constantinople that has naturally aged 23 years is a beautiful cymbal!  Have a listen! 

  • These Original K Constantinoples are getting harder to find these days and this one is hitting that sweet and mellowed age. 

  • Cymbals like this get better over time. They mellow and dry out bringing forth a cleaner stick attack. And that’s exactly the case we have with this Original Zildjian K Constantinople 20”. 
  • For this series it has a DRY stick attack that is followed by that famous K Constantinople warmth but it remains controlled. 

  • Weighing in at a perfect 2124 grams this gorgeous K 20” plays like the Original or First Run Medium - because that’s what it is! That’s another reason the stick articulation is clear and present. It’s not remotely a heavier cymbal but it does have enough tension to be semi-dry and articulate.  

  • It’s easily crashable and has a terrific, glowing spread that dissipated medium fast. 

  • Overall Very well balanced. Great attack with a warm, broad glow.  Father Time has enveloped the “Medium” stamp but this beauty is right in that weight range and era. 

  • As far as this series of K Cons Medium goes, this one is exceptionally smooth and even. 

  • Bright and dark overtones are present giving it a harmonious feel and sound. 

  • This is Zildjian’s Top of the Line Series, and it shows.

  • Fantastic condition.  No issues. Golden patina has befriended this beauty.  

  • This well over 2 decade gem will continue to age gracefully. It’s just hitting its stride.