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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

1-of-1 Bosphorus 28” PHILLY RIDE Crash Ride 4376 g IMMACULATE

Original price $549.99
Original price $549.99 - Original price $549.99
Original price $549.99
Current price $499.99
$499.99 - $499.99
Current price $499.99
  • Well this is an amazing day: 

  • A Hand Made 28” Bosphorus PHILLY RIDE in Immaculate Condition.  1 of 1! 

  • And this can easily be your main ride cymbal. It’s so fun snd easy to play. It’s inspiring!  

  • Have a listen! 

  • This is reminiscent of those HUGE Zildjians you would see in the background of a 1940s or 1950s - just a massive wavy hand-hammered cymbal lying against the wall and you’re like “what the hell is that?!!” 

  • Well, this rare 28” celebrates that era and vibe! 

  • Glassy Pre-Aged blue hue gives it light, semi-dry attack with a bit of dryness followed by a papery wash which is absolutely insane on a 28” - so beautiful it can easily be your main ride. 

  • Billowing lush and complex crash that retains a delicate shimmer. 

  • 4376 grams - and it retains this light glassiness that you don’t normally hear on such an enormous cymbal. 

  • Remarkably responsive at low to medium level volumes!   Crash on it and it ROARS like the levee just broke - more than capable in loud to very loud settings. 

  • The 28” size gives supplies myriad options for drawing tone out of this instrument.  It’s like playing a grand piano! 
  • This is a unique instrument! It’s a calling card. It can easily be your main ride or roaring crash! Or make it sizzle for that 1940s vibe! 

  • Whatever you decide, it’s an absolute JOY to play and make music with and have fun with.  

  • Nothing like it at all.

  • So beautiful and fun it’s hard to stop playing it.