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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Rare DARK PAPER THIN Vintage 1950s Zildjian 15” Hihats 967 998 g Complex

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Original price
$499.99 - $499.99
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  • Factory stamped “HIHAT.” 
  • Try as they may, the big companies have not been able to replicate the sound of these DARK, Vintage 15” Hi-hats. Don’t get me wrong, they have wonderful attempts and have made some nice cymbals along the journey, but they don’t do what these 70-year-old Zildjians do naturally.

  • Perfect THIN to Paperthin 1950s FIFTEENS - aged well over half a century with a glorious patina built up that dries them out beautifully. 

  • Stunning thin lathing on both cymbals. Smaller rounded bell. 
  • This is the sound that floats in our consciousness because this is the sound we’ve all heard for the last 6 decades of rock, soul, pop, blues, and jazz music.

  • Dark. Papery. Whispy. Ultra warm and smooth. A pinch of light complexity that has been chilled out for 70 years. Lower pitched, dark 15s”! 

  • And, if I am not mistaken Ringo was fond of 15s. 
  • This pair has a definitely papery complexity to them! 

  • Only 967 grams for the Top Cymbal and 998 grams for the Bottom Cymbal.  That makes for an unbelievably responsive and dark-sounding pair of 15s” that still provide an old-school CHUP - they sound like they’ve been plucked off a Columbia Jazz Recording. 

  • Some of the greatest sounding Hihats around.  It’s ridiculous to spend more money on “vintage homage” tones when you can have the ACTUAL VINTAGE TONE that’s not masquerading as anything else. 

  • No issues. Gorgeous deep chocolate patina.  Amazing for studio and live, and anything musical. 1950s Zildjian As are always in style.

  • And these are the rare stamped “HIHAT” 15s.