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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Discontinued LIGHT AIRY DRY Bosphorus ORACLE 22” SIZZLE Ride 2460 g

Original price $359.99 - Original price $359.99
Original price
$359.99 - $359.99
Current price $359.99
  • Here’s a RARE Bosphorus that was the fraternal twin or even pre-cursor to their famous New Orleans Ride.  

  • But check out the BELL!!

  • NOT like the New Orleans.  It’s big and rounded over and contributes to the airy-ness and light complexity of this gorgeous 22”. 
  • As you can see, this rarely seen hand-hammered beauty is partially lathed with alternating gold and brown ribbons - a bit like the Istanbul Agop Special Edition Ride, that's the vibe. Or the New Orleans. 

  • What I love about this particular 22" is that its defining characteristics are LIGHT, AIRY, and yet also CONTROLLED and FAIRLY DRY. 

  • You don't normally see a 22” Sizzle cymbal have a decent stick attack and still remain controlled and not wash out. But that is the brilliance of this particular Bosphorus Oracle.

  • Larger rounded over bell and the hand-hammering and partial lathing deliver a mixture of organic and a bit complex. But again, with a surprisingly drier vibe too. 

  • One brass rivet dances effortlessly at the edge and keeps this Sizzle very light and subtle. It’s much less sizzle-y than a cymbal with 2 or 3 rivets etc. It’s very chill. 

  • 2460 grams contributes to the great definition, but it PLAYS like a Light or Thin 22” Ride. 

  • And it’s easily crashable. 

  • Fairly dark. Airy. Light. Subtle complexity with a controlled dryness. But far from dead. One rivet gives it a shadow of afterglow.  Nice big old school, old Vintage K style bell. Beautiful organic crash. 

  • AMAZING CONDITION. No issues.  This is an incredibly CLASSY sounding 22” that you don’t find often. Very musical.