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Rare 21” 1960s Vintage Zildjian SIZZLE RIDE Semi-Dry Attack 2862 g

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  • Here's a fantastic-sounding 50-year-old RARE SIZE 21” Vintage Zildjian Sizzle Ride!   

  • It has that perfect 1960s Classic Rock Ride Sizzle tone. A lot of 60s rock drummers were big jazz fans, so they played a lot of Sizzle Cymbals on their Rock gigs.

  • Rock Sizzles and Big Band Sizzles are usually heavier because they have to cut through the din of guitars and horns. 
  • What’s great about this 21” in particular, is that you get a semi-dry, very prominent stick attack, it can even be your main Ride. 

  • The definition on this 21 is” Sizzle is superb. And it still retains a great warmth because it’s fully lathed. The rivets supply light and subtle afterglow that is rather delicate because this 21” is about the attack and the definition cuts well. This cymbal does not wash out - far from it. It has a pinpoint attack. 

  • Much of that great stick attack is compliments of the 2862  gram weight - which gives this Sizzle a Medium quality, that is how it plays. 

  • The bell measures a generous 6” and delivers a solid DING tone - and that ain’t easy to find on a Sizzle Ride. 

  • It is primed for 8 rivets old school style and currently outfitted with 4. Add or subtract to your liking. 

  • Great shape, no issues. A golden patina has built up over the last 5 decades and mellows it beautifully.

  • A terrific semi-dry Classic Rock style Sizzle Cymbal that has no problem cutting but adds a nice departure from your regular-ass Ping Ride.  It’s much smoother and warmer sounding and has a great 1960s vibe.

  • Vintage As are always in style.  And this is a Rare 21”.