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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

UNIQUE DRY Sabian ARTISAN ELITE 16” Hihats 1046 1432 g SIGNED BY MARK LOVE! Mint

Original price $669.99 - Original price $669.99
Original price
$669.99 - $669.99
Current price $669.99

What sorcery are such 16s? 

Massive. DRY. DARK. And I believe DISCONTINUED. They were $980 when they were being produced - some of the most expensive modern hihats around.

And this specific pair was anointed by cymbal guru, Mark Love. Numbered and signed under the bell by the man himself!

MASSIVE 16” SABIAN ARTISAN ELITE Hi Hats that are in immaculate condition and sound phenomenal!

1036 and 1432 grams. Which is a great weight for 16s”. They play THIN but they hold enough tension to deliver a focused and articulate attack. And with the 1432 gram weight Bottom Cymbal you get a great CHICK tone.

Thin, organic, wonderfully DRY with a quick decay. But MASSIVE when you lay down a groove!

Generous playing field makes these flagship Artisans a blast to play! You can get different tones depending on where you strike them.

Wide alternate raw and gold lathing. Heavy circular style hammering.  The bell looks like it was hand shaped - very old school looking and sounding.
Perfect for very quiet to loud.

Sabian’s Top Of The Line Hi Hats - and you can tell.

And I don’t believe they’re even made anymore - this is an early pair, forged by Mark.  

Playable. Collectible. Immaculate.