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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Egregiously Ignored Sabian VAULT RIDE 20” 2532 g

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Original price
$219.99 - $219.99
Current price $219.99
  • What began as an oversight, turned into a lapse in marketing that segued into a blunderous omission and is now a full on cultural rebuke…..

  • The SILVER INFUSED Sabian VAULT Ride has been egregiously overlooked…the wallflower of modern cymbals.

  • But I posit its loneliness is not due to the cymbal’s shortcomings, far from it in fact, it’s actually our own negligence and blindness. 

  • This Vault may indeed be the solution to many drummers’ problems.

  • I hear you now,

    “Why Gerry, are you waxing eloquent on a damn Sabian Vault Ride?” 

  • Well….

  • I think this cymbal offers the perfect balance of strong and articulate DEFINITION and projection while still keeping a classy smoothness to it. It’s exceptionally well balanced.

  • And it DOESN’T WASH OUT.  Which is one of the main complaints I hear from drummers. They don’t want their ride to wash out. 

  • Well here you go!! 

  • The magic behind this cymbal is that it combines a fully lathed top side….

  • With….that underside that is fully unlathed and RAW - like an Earth Ride.

  • So you get the best of both worlds here!

  • With an amazing solid bell.  And that Silver infusion that was the marketing behind this series - apparently this cymbal has more silver in it.

  • Have a listen. Yes. It can do a lot!  It even speaks well quietly.

  • 2532 grams. 

  • Seeeeeeee. The marketing just sucked. So often great cymbals just fall in a marketing hole. They just need a loving ear and a stick to give them a try.

  • Amazing condition. And you can’t get this cymbal anymore.  It’s extremely versatile.