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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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Hear it here!

  • What if Paiste made a Zildjian HIGH DEFINITION RIDE?

  • Well apparently they did….ONCE.

  • Look at this 22” MASTERS PROTOTYPE. 

  • It has all the hallmarks of the ORIGINAL Zildjian K Custom 22” High Definition Ride - the one that had the same golden/brown lathing on the top and the underside.

  • And at 3122 grams with a Raw bell underside - it has the similar weight and constitution as the Hi-Def Ride too.

  • Clearly Paiste experimented with in their Masters Series - this 22” is Hand Hammered and has the complexity and alternating brown and gold lathing that the Masters Series explored.

  • It’s actually quite Istanbul AGOP - ish. And that’s the void Paiste was filling with Master’s Series - complex Hand Hammered Turkish vibe - way less clean than what normally comes out of Switzerland.

  • DARK. Medium Low pitched. Semi-dry terrific stick articulation on top with a controlled Hand Hammered complexity underneath. 

  • The bell is remarkably solid and cutting - like a High Definition Ride.  Overall a bit more body than the Zildjian - this one IS Hand Hammered.

  • With a Medium the Medium Heavy constitution this Prototype Paiste 22” commits to a well-defined attack projecting through a mix.

  • Cutting. Articulate. Fairly dry - especially for Paiste. Terrific attack and projection.

  • The Masters Series is awesome but they’re overall very thin and washy. 

  • This is the counterpart you wish they offered.

  • Paiste makes nothing like this 22” Dark Proto.

  • No issues. Amazing condition. Looks perfect.