Free Shipping on 5 or more cymbals

If you order five or more cymbals in a single order, and have a delivery address with in the Continental United States, we will ship them to you for free.

Note that all cymbals must be newly-ordered. If you exchange a cymbal and add four more to the order shipping will be charged.

Also, orders combining drums and cymbals cannot be shipped for free.  They need to be shipped separately to avoid damage. If you order five cymbals and one or more drums, we will ship the cymbals for free, but you will pay for shipping of any drums.  Your delivery guy might get a little mad at you, but we guess you can handle that.

ANY REFUNDS DUE TO RETURNS FROM ORDERS THAT INCLUDED FREE SHIPPING WILL BE FOR LESS THE AMOUNT OF THE ORIGINAL SHIPPING COSTS, UNLESS THE BUYER KEEPS 5 CYMBALS FROM THE ORIGINAL ORDER.  For example, if you purchase 5 cymbals and return 1, you will receive a refund of the purchase price of the returned cymbal less the amount of the original shipping costs.  If you purchase 7 cymbals and return 2 you will receive a refund of the full purchase prices of the two returned cymbals.