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HUGE Vintage Zildjian 1970s 15” NEW BEAT Hi Hats 1014 1390 g CRISP

Original price $379.99 - Original price $379.99
Original price
$379.99 - $379.99
Current price $379.99
  • Try as they may, the big companies have not been able to replicate the sound of these Vintage 15” Hi-hats. Don’t get me wrong, they have wonderful attempts and have made some nice cymbals along the journey, but they don’t do what these Vintage New Beats do naturally and effortlessly. 

  • The most recorded cymbals in history, and with good reason. They just do!  That magic sound. 

  • And these are the harder to find massive FIFTEENS!

  • No need to go $480 on the modern ones. That’s ridiculous. 

  • These particular huge beauties harken from the golden era of classic rock - New Beats had only been around a decade or so and drummers were using them everywhere.

  • Crisp and articulate 1014 and 1390 grams espouse the time-honored Thinner Top Heavy Bottom New Beat philosophy - with this pair being extremely crisp and clean sounding. 

  • Famous Responsive. Cutting. Fantastic CHICK tone. Again this particular pair cuts extremely well with a nice New Beat chick - warmer for this era. 

  • And being the rare, larger 15s these beauties are darker and lower-pitched than the everyday 14s. Perfect for laying down massive grooves.

  • No need to spend more money on big box store “re-designed” hi hats, these are the 45-year-old originals, they do it all.

  • Light golden patina. Light typical wear/use. A JOY to play.

  • Vintage Zildjian 15s” is always in style.