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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Super Complex Sabian AAX X-TREME China 17” Pang like 1018 g Brilliant Broad Spread NOT $324!

Original price $169.99 - Original price $169.99
Original price
$169.99 - $169.99
Current price $169.99
  •  No one needs to spend $324 to get a new one of these! Far from it in fact!  An you won’t be guessing at a big box store sterile photo!

  • Listen to this exact Cymbal so that you can buy with confidence! And it sounds fantastic too. Cutting and complex! But still thin and responsive. 

  • At 1018 grams this particular 17” has a wide dynamic range. Yes it cuts well, but it’s very responsive at lower volumes too! 

  • This Sabian AAX X-TREME China is a fascinating, China - it’s very PANG-like.  Large rounded over bell, very broad spread that cuts extremely well.  Super FAT 4” Flanged lip is ripe for striking! 

  • Pang styled profile makes it very complex! 

  • Serpentine lathing pattern with the classic AAX style hammering.  And this one is a Brilliant finish for an added shimmer. 

  • Sabian describes this AAX as: “Extra-fast and terrifically punchy response are raw, dirty, very tight - almost Kang-like - and super loud for maximum accent. Thin.” 

  • There you go! Semi-dark cutting, complex, and Pang-like with a wide lip that’s perfect for striking.   

  • Mild use with light patina. Great shape. No issues. A terrific China that sounds great in soft to loud situations and is surprisingly versatile.