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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Clean Responsive Sabian AAX FREQ Hihats 14” 1049 1421 g Fantastic Cd! Why Pay $480?

Original price $269.99 - Original price $269.99
Original price
$269.99 - $269.99
Current price $269.99

No need to shell out nearly $500 for these harder to find Sabians.  And then you’re most likely guessing at a stock photo! Who knows what they sound like!

That life sucks!  And that’s why we don’t live it here chez Hazelshould! Listen to what you’re getting so you can buy with confidence!

Fantastic Condition Sabian AAX FREQ 14” Hihats.

These were the original winners of the Cymbal Vote Contest.

NO cymbal company makes a pair of hihats like these - they're tight and CRISP but also have a lightness to them! Slightly complex but also controlled.

Sabian describes these hihats as:
"A raw bell and exclusive dual-lathing process gate the attack, resulting in a crispy pair of hats that never get out of control.”

And you’re right!!  That lathing IS like the Terry Bozzio RADIA Series.  Some of my favorites!

Weighing in at a PERFECT 1049 grams for the Top cymbal and 1421 grams for the Bottom cymbal, these Sabians espouse the time-honored Zildjian New Beat philosophy--combining light top/heavy bottom cymbals to maximize the, CHICK. And maximize the CHICK it does.

The result is a pair of hihats that are semi-dark with a remarkably CRISP and CLEAN tone that projects, however they have a sonic softness to them too - and that's a great combination!

The top cymbal is Medium Thin in weight with the bottom cymbal being Medium to Medium-Heavy.

Obviously they are terrific under the mic! They are controlled - which was the entire concept.

No issues. Terrific shape. Nice patina starting to build that even mellows and focuses them even more.

And no where near $500.  Save your money and buy with confidence!