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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

RARE 1981 PAISTE BLUE LABEL 602 Extra Heavy Hi Hats 14” 1050 1150 g Porcaro Copeland

Original price $449.99 - Original price $449.99
Original price
$449.99 - $449.99
Current price $449.99
  • OH sure you could spend $570 on a pair of garden variety re-issue 602 Hi Hats!

  • YES!! $570!!

  • But they sure as hell won't be the famous EXTRA HEAVY HATS!

  • And these are the iconic BLUE LABEL HIHATS - from 1981! They’re much more clean and focused sounding than the earlier Pre Serial versions. ULTRA crisp! 

  • Early for the era  the Real Deal! 

  • AND as many of you may know 602 Extra Heavies were 1980s favorites of both Stewart Copeland and Jeff Porcaro!

  •  If you dig that famous 80s 602 Hihat tone, than THIS IS THE SOUND!!!

  • The Top cymbal weighs 1050 grams. The Bottom cymbal is 1150 grams.

  • Perfect crisp as hell with a clean shimmer and focused attack. Unbelievable under the mic!! They sound absolutely fantastic!! 

  • CLASSIC PAISTE TONE THAT CUTS live and obviously in the studio. That's a promise!!

  • Very articulate and responsive. Perfect for damn near everything. No issues. Great 40 year old patina that mellows them beautifully.
  • $570 for the garden variety big box store "Re-issue" 602s?????

  • It’s a lot more fun to play these legendary Blue Label 14s”, and nothing sounds like them today.