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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

PERFECT Zildjian CONCEPT Shop FAT HATS Hi Hats 14” 1076 1270

Original price $549.99 - Original price $549.99
Original price
$549.99 - $549.99
Current price $549.99
  • Here’s a very hard to find set of Zildjian Hi Hats - these were a limited production Concept Shop production, and well….it’s pretty damn limited. 

  • Perfect condition and only played for the video, Zildjian Concept Shop 14” FAT HATS Hi Hats.  

  • Take a look at these beauties! Very K Constantinople - ish style deep hammering and lathing. 

  • Here’s how Zildjian describes them:
    “ Fat Hats were born out of an inspiration to combine bright and dark manufacturing techniques for a truly blended sound made for any stage or session.  
    The Fat Hats are the very definition of "labor of love". A decade of testing has created this rich, blended "go-to" hi hat sound that performs in the studio and turns heads on-stage.
    The key is a combination of darker hammering with wider, A Zildjian-style lathing, and a smaller weight difference blurring true top and bottom. Designed to be a cymbal bag chameleon, these "part K, part A" hats sit within any cymbal setup, and are ripe for mixing and matching or simply playing them as is - a perfect blend of warm and bright.“

  • And there ya’ have it!   
  • Gram weights are factory written under the bell. 1076 for the Top and 1270 for the Bottom.  Although Zildjian  certainly encourages you to reverse them or mix and match. Explore. Experiment. 

  • These Concept Shop Fat Hats have a smooth warmth combined with a fantastic stick attack and cut that not overbearing.  Smooth and mellow sibilance  when opened. 

  • Buried in the darker tones is a light, shimmer of brightness that differentiates these flagship Fat Hi Hats from the standard big box store fare and gives them a bit more cut and bite in a mix without losing warmth.  

  • Great for any style of music and any volume.  

  • Immaculate condition. Perfect. Limited release and hard to find.