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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

BIG Dark Zildjian K Sweet Hi Hats 15” 1094 1652 g PERFECT Don’t Pay $600

Original price $469.99 - Original price $469.99
Original price
$469.99 - $469.99
Current price $469.99
  • If you dig big, dark and crisp sounding Zildjians with a K warmth…

  • Then get these. 

  • Zildjian K SWEET 15” Hihats that are in IMMACULATE in condition and in the bag! Take a look at the pictures.  

  • Don’t spend $600 on a google stock photo and a guess! Have a listen to this exact pair so you can buy with confidence! 

  • And these being the large 15s” they’re massive and have a wonderful darkness to them that goes one step beyond the smaller 14s.”  

  • Zildjian describes these K Sweet Hihats as:
     The K Zildjian Sweet Collection extends the iconic K Family into a new direction of tonal colors that are dark, sweet, and responsive. K Sweet HiHats feature extensive K hammering, a thin top, extra heavy bottom and unlathed bells, giving these cymbals a dark sound with a solid chick sound and full wash.”

  • And that is accurate! The operative words here are “dark sound with a solid chick.”  That’s where these Zildjians excel! 

  • At 1094 and 1652 grams, these K Sweets offer the time-honored Thin Top/Heavy Bottom philosophy for a cutting chick!  This particular pair has an especially great CHICK tone with that bottom hihat.  

  • Now add the warmth and darker leanings of the famous K Series and generous 15” size and you have these incredibly versatile beauties! 

  • Raw bells give them a bit more bite on the attack (and look great) but they have a nice low profile so they remain dark and lower on pitch. 

  • Perfect for soft to loud settings and any style of music! 

  • No issues. in the bag perfect.  Only played for the video.  

  • NOT $600 for a big box store guess. You’ll get this exact pair.