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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Perfect Original Paiste DARK ENERGY 15” Hihats 1098 1695 g

Original price $539.99 - Original price $539.99
Original price
$539.99 - $539.99
Current price $539.99
  • One of the harder to find modern Paistes right here:

  • The ORIGINAL, 2 decade old Paiste Dark Energy Hihats in the generous-sized 15s”. 

  • And they’re in absolutely PERFECT Condition.  

  • The metal has had 20 years to age and mellow out, and that it has.  Warmer and more mellow than today’s Dark Energies. But they look like they were crafted this morning! 

  • Paiste describes these as:
     Full, rich, energetic with a definite dark side. Crunchy, with a meaty bite. Very wide range, very complex mix. Extremely balanced, very responsive feel. Full dark, rich, shimmering, biting open/closed sound. Beautiful, fat, meaty, crisp, cutting chick sound. Fast, responsive, articulate with excellent feel and playability. An immensely versatile hi-hat that combines finesse and articulation with raw energy and cutting power.”

  • There you go!  It’s true.  Although this Rare Original pair is darker and more mellow.  

  • At 1098 and 1695 grams, these 15” Mark 1 Hihats combine the dark, low pitched organic feel of the Dark Energy Series with Paiste’s fastidiously clean and crystalline tone that is so studio and user friendly.  

  • It’s pretty remarkable because dark and crisp with a great chick tone and CLEAN is not always the easiest combination to find.  But Paiste did it here. 

  • The darkest, cleanest Hihats they made.  

  • Tight at a whisper. Very focused, but can roar when opened. They have no problem cutting. It’s a perfect blend of great response with projection.  

  • As Paiste promises, they are versatile, you can use them for absolutely anything.

  • No issues. Perfect shape.  Extremely hard to find these Originals.  And the new ones are approaching $700. For real.