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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

UNIQUE DRY Sabian CUSTOM ARTISAN ELITE 16” Hihats 1110 1410 g DON’T PAY $940

Original price $569.99 - Original price $569.99
Original price
$569.99 - $569.99
Current price $569.99
  • What sorcery are such 16s?


  • And if you can find them they’re $940 - for a stock photo guess. 

  • MASSIVE 16” SABIAN ARTISAN ELITE Hi Hats that are in incredible condition and sound phenomenal! 

  • 1110 and 1410 grams. Which is a great weight for 16s”. They play THIN but they hold enough tension to deliver a focused and articulate attack. 

  • And with the 1410 gram weight Bottom Cymbal you get a great CHICK tone. 

  • Thin, organic, wonderfully DRY with a quick decay. But MASSIVE when you lay down a groove!  

  • Generous playing field makes these flagship Artisans a blast to play! You can get different tones depending on where you strike them. 

  • Wide alternate raw and gold lathing. Heavy circular style hammering.  The bell looks like it was hand shaped - very old school looking and sounding.

  • Perfect for very quiet to loud.

  • No issues.  Fantastic shape.  Extremely clean.

  • Sabian’s Top Of The Line Hi Hats - and you can tell!

  • Very hard to find - especially when you can hear them first so you can buy them with confidence and not spend $940.