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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Rare Vintage 1979 Paiste 2002 15” Heavy ROCK Hihats 1144 1232 g AVH MOON

Original price $379.99 - Original price $379.99
Original price
$379.99 - $379.99
Current price $379.99
  • $436!!! Wow! That is how much a new pair of Paiste 2002 15” will set you back.


  • 1979....

  • BACK WHEN PAISTE STAMPED THEM "ROCK"!!! And these are the rare 15s!  The perennial favorites of Alex Van Halen, Keith Moon, and Cozy Powell - literally from their heyday. 

  • From what I recall Paiste only did this for a few years at the end of the 70s and beginning of the 80s.

  • And that is helpful, I mean what if you pulled out these hihats for your POLKA gig? Then what?

  • Where would you be trying to play Frank Yankovic's "In Heaven There is No Beer" with a pair of inappropriate hihats.

  • In Hell. That's where you would be.

  • But thankfully Paiste alleviated that catastrophe.

  • And dammit do these 2002s sound amazing. I mean REALLY amazing!!

  • Weighing in at a confident 1144 grams for the top cymbal and 1232 l grams for the bottom cymbal, these hihats have all of the Classic clean Paiste tone that catapulted the 2002 Series to stardom 50 years ago. And since this specific pair are designated "Heavy," they have more projection and a stronger CHICK when compared to the standard 2002s. 

  • But being the generous sized 15s”, they actually have some darkness in there too!  Larger and lower pitched.
  • What I dig about this specific pair is that they are very focused when struck with your stick. The articulation is great and it's a bit more controlled thanks to the lovely patina.

  • AND you won't be mislead into using them on your acoustic folk gig, because they're stamped "ROCK."

  • Use them for absolutely anything BUT don't use them for polka.  You'll burn in hell for that.

  • And speaking of hell, why the HELL would you pay more money for the regular boring ass big box store 2002s.

  • These rare 15s” are from the first years of of production and ate the REAL DEAL.