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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Rare 15” Sabian CRESCENT Hihats 1144 1517 g IMMACULATE Discontinued Don’t Pay $700

Original price $439.99 - Original price $439.99
Original price
$439.99 - $439.99
Current price $439.99
  • Here’s a gorgeous pair of Semi-Dry 15s” you won’t find!  Hell I don’t think Sabian makes these anymore. If you can find one they’re literally $700. 

  • But no one need live that awful life! 

  • Far from it! Have a listen to this pair so that you can buy with confidence! 
  • This is a fascinating set of hihats: what began as a Bosphorus, then became Crescent, then became Sabian Crescent, and now of course they’re damn near extinct! 

  • The funny thing is that these are some of Sabian's nicest hihats and should not be lost just because the marketing was. 

  • These are like the pre-cursor to the Sabian Raw Bell Artisans - they have the golden lathing and glorious Hand Hammering and that Raw Bell that provides some projection and dryness.

  • And I’m sure that’s also why Sabian charges $700 for them - they’re in the Top of the Line Artisan family! 

  • What I love about these particular 15” Hats is that for lathed hihats they offer a controlled and dry attack. For all of those drummers out there bitching about, "I need better stick attack but I still want warmth, these Sabian Crescent 15” Hihats might be your Dark Horse turned Pegasus.

  • Weighing in at a well-balanced 1144 and 1517 grams, this particular pair of 15s” plays like FAT, dark, semi-dry hats. The 1517 gram bottom ensures a solid chick tone when played with your foot and the 1144 Top ensures plenty of articulation. 
  • Focused and controlled without sounding dead or clanky. They have a delicate softness to them when played lightly - a hint of golden warmth and Hand Hammered complexity! 

  • Fantastic for low to louder volumes!  Responsive. Articulate.  Fat. Semi-dry. Great cutting ability but still with a light airiness to them! 

  • Immaculate condition. Extremely hard to actually find in the flesh - not a “special order” stock photo. 

  • Cost well over $700 new.  But not today….