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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Zildjian K MASTERSOUND 14” Hihats 1152 1374 g Shimmering CLEAN Tone

Original price $299.99 - Original price $299.99
Original price
$299.99 - $299.99
Current price $299.99
  • Absolutely fantastic cutting Zildjian K MASTERSOUND 14” Hihats that have a particularly clean tone. 
  • Very CLEAN, CRISP sounding with the added warmth of the top-of-the-line K series.  Warmer and darker sounding than the regular Mastersound hihats and A Customs. 

  • This specific combo consists of an 80s K Top and an Early K Mastersound Bottom Hihat. As many of you may know the 80s Ks are some of the greatest because they are warmer and darker than the modern versions. And that’s exactly the case with these beauties. 

  • Famous bone-crunching CHICK of Zildjian’s Mastersound rippled bottom hihat - and that edge is RAW too, that’s where Zildjian gets one - up on a Paiste.  The raw edge is a great idea. 

  • 1152 and 1374 grams supply plenty of cut and projection - they almost sound like they have an ounce of PAISTE in them. But they have the warmth that Paistes can only dream about. 

  • Great, crisp, and articulate stick and chick! Much warmer than the modern version. And not $550. 

  • Perfect for any genre, low to loud volumes. 

  • Terrific condition.  No issues. Light patina. Sound amazing.