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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$249.99 - $249.99
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  • Zildjian broke out of their staid-ass-selves and had some FUN!!!

  • Look! A 16.5” CYMBAL! 

  • Yes!  Indeed.  A Special Release!!  And in a resplendent Brilliant Finish!

  • Rare and aptly named Zildjian 16.5” Special Release Crash in Amazing Condition.

  • I’m happy to say this Zildjian Crash is not about gimmicks.  This is one of the best-sounding crash cymbals they have released in a long time. 

  • They took a page out of their Brilliant Finish the 80s A  catalog. 

  • Weighing 1173 grams, this Special Release Crash has slightly bendable edges. It plays like a Thin Crash - like an ACTUAL Thin Crash.  Not a cymbal masquerading as a Thin Crash.

  • Add the Brilliant shimmer to the bendable edges and you have one hell of a great sounding straight up crash cymbal with a glassy wash. Sounds better than many Ks out there. 

  • Sounds so good that of course, you can’t get it!   

  • But that’s where I come in!  No need to wander the earth bereft of hope! 

  • This one is in amazing shape. A few fingerprints from voyeurs.  Looks like NOS New Old Stock. 

  • Looks incredible. Sounds incredible is Collectible.