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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Drier Mellowed 22 yr old Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash 17” 1194 g

Original price $219.99 - Original price $219.99
Original price
$219.99 - $219.99
Current price $219.99
  • Here’s a great Zildjian K Custom Dark that’s aged and dried out beautifully.  It has a darker and much more organic tone than a brand new one.

  • 1194 grams gives it enough weight to cut a mix but it has the darker leanings of the famous K Custom Dark series. 

  • Zildjian describes this K Crash as:
    “The dark and full-bodied K Custom Dark Crash utilizes a special over-hammering technique that allows for a quick and bright attack with an extra fast decay. This allows for a heavier Crash to have a similar response to a thinner and lighter cymbal, but with a lot more volume potential.”

  • But this 22 year old beauty is much more mellowed than the new version.  And it indeed is dark sounding.  

  • Dark. Lower pitched. Quick and punchy attack. Semi-dry with a quick decay.

  • That’s this beauty!  

  • If you have a light touch you can use this 17” as a small semi-dry ride. 

  • No issues. Amazing 2 decade old patina.