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Dark Dry Istanbul Mehmet Kirk or K 15” Hihats 1197 1422 g IMMACULATE Great 15s”

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  • This is one of Istanbul Mehmet's most beautiful series. Take a look at the craftsmanship on these. They’re raw and black with alternating thin gold lathing stripes and heavily hand-hammered throughout.

  • My understanding is Kirkor K was Mehmet's mentor, and I have to say, this is a great way to thank someone who taught you everything you know.

  • As you would imagine, these sparsely lathed 15s” offer a stunning stick attack and is wonderfully dry and crisp. But they have a pliable softness to them that makes them FEEL 70 years old. 

  • Very controlled overtones allow for fantastic stick articulation. 

  • 1197 and 1422 grams make for a great pair of 15s that play like Medium Thin to Medium Hihats.  But they don’t clank some Hihats with these weights do. They have a soft pliability to them! 

  • Being 15s” they have a fantastic playing field and are lower-pitched and much fatter than smaller-sized Hihats. 

  • Low profile gives them a wonderfully dark and lower-pitched tone. 

  • Dry, dark, medium-low in pitch; the solid, raw, unlathed bell that gives them a great cutting ability.

  • Organic with a hint of hand-hammered complexity when opened - but just for a moment. Overall they are quite dry sounding. 

  • Extremely hard to find, handmade, wonderfully dark and dry 15s” in Immaculate Condition!  

  • And you can hear them so you can buy with confidence!