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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

COMPLEX Paper Thin Sabian NEIL PEART PARAGON 19” Chinese China 1224 g

Original price $229.99 - Original price $229.99
Original price
$229.99 - $229.99
Current price $229.99
  • This is one of the nicest, complex sounding Chinas on the market.  And this particular one is ONLY 1224 grams - about 100 grams thinner than most. 

  • Don’t go $375 deep on a big box store photo and a guess at what it sounds like!  Listen to this exact cymbal. 

  • There are two Chinas in the Peart Paragon Series and this is definitely the Darker and Trashier of the two. The other one, a 20",  is more mellow and closer to a standard Zildjian China Boy sound. This 19" however has a Crash of Doom vibe to it. Extremely dark and complex with a great attack for the series.  

  • Sabian describes this Paragon 19" as:
    "The 19" has a small bell, a high bow, and an extremely wide-lipped edge that is HHX-hammered, for a more traditional Oriental look and sound."

  • This 19" Paragon has several unique characteristics that give it its trashy, sinister voice and make it stand out from the lot of Chinas. First of all, the lip on this cymbal is a giant 4". That's really damn big. Especially since it's a 19". And that makes for a hearty sweet spot. It's much thinner than most chinas and the edges are easily bendable. The weight is a THIN 1224 grams - even thin for a Paragon!

  • The bell is small. And the profile is unique-check out the picture. Almost exaggerated. And it's a 19", which is not a common size for a china.

  • What struck me most about this 19" fat lipped china, is that it's certainly not limited to Rush fans. The dark, organic, trashy tone and exceptional responsiveness make it a perfect china/swish/ride for jazz and blues. It sounds like what a china SHOULD sound like-an effect, an accent, a punctuation, or a mood setter.

  • No issues. Overall clean. Strong gold logos. But with confidence and save money while doing it.