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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

THIN Discontinued Zildjian ARMAND Thin Crash 18” 1287 g CLEAN SHIMMER

Original price $249.99 - Original price $249.99
Original price
$249.99 - $249.99
Current price $249.99
  • Here’s a beautiful and bendable Zildjian crash cymbal that’s been discontinued for at least a decade. 

  • Hand picked by an endorser. 

  • This one has a particular golden shimmer to it! It’s warm but also sounds clear and clean. 

  • Discontinued Zildjian ARMAND 18” THIN CRASH that is in great condition. 

  • As many of you may recall, the Armand Series was produced with a throw-back 1960s Zildjian profile design.  The lathing is very fine.  

  • Weighing in at a Thin to Paper Thin 1287 grams, this Armand Thin Crash plays like a straight Thin 18” with a great glow.  

  • Semi-dark with a golden complexity. Edges are bendable and it’s responsive.  Golden warm tone. Medium to quick decay!

  • That is this harder to find Armand Thin 18”.

  • Great for very low to medium loud settings. Can be a Full Crash or Fast Crash.  

  • No issues.  Strong logos. Very nice 2 decade old patina that chills it out. Harder to find these days.