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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

IMMACULATE DARK MASSIVE Zildjian K 16” LIGHT Hihats 1296 1664 g

Original price $459.99 - Original price $459.99
Original price
$459.99 - $459.99
Current price $459.99
  • These 16” LIGHTS are in immaculate condition! Only played for the video and that is all! They’re very smooth and dark. 
  • And this particular pair of 16s” was hand selected for a famous studio and you can tell. They sound amazing! Some of the finest in the series.

  • Ultra dark, low, very smooth and incredible for laying down grooves.  
  • No need to shell out $640 for a pair of K Light 16” Hi Hats and a guess at what they sound like. Hear this exact pair and buy with confidence! 

  •  Zildjian K Light Hi Hats in the largest 16” size! 

  • At 1296 and 1664 grams, this particular pair has an incredible dark, low pitched, warm tone. Being the largest sized 16”, they're fantastic for grooving and have a generous playing field. 

  • Very smooth and dark pair! 

  • They have all the chick of New Beats, but with the darkness and warmth of Zildjian's flagship K Series. 

  • Zildjian describes these huge 16” Light Hats as:
    K Light Hi Hats have a broader range of tonal colors, and are lower in pitch and thinner than traditional K Hi Hats. Though thinner in weight, K Lights perform in any musical situation. The wide selection of 13" - 16" lets you decide how dark you want to get, with larger sizes offering more volume and wash for a "sloshy" feel.”

  • And then they charge $640 for them. But you need not pay all that and you don’t have to sacrifice tone!

  • Perfect from soft to loud. Very tight and controlled when closed.  Open them for a huge sloshy tone! 

  • Immaculate condition! Only played for the video. They sound absolutely  fantastic. Save your money and get these hand-selected gems.