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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$299.99 - $299.99
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  • Here’s an absolutely beautiful Super Dark Complex CRASH. It has a gorgeous subtle organic tone too - compliments of the unlathed and raw bell and interior. 

  • Truly Hand Hammered. And you can tell - this is much more complex than any Zildjian could dream to be. And it’s not $445  like a Meinl Byzance. 

  • Istanbul Mehmet Hamer Series 18” SPLIT Crash in fantastic condition. 

  • A dark, thin to paper thin 18” - beautiful hammering, and the edges blur subtly when struck.   

  • Mehmet describes this Hamer Classic Crash as:
    “Big hammer marks for a trashy effect in addition to the dark and warm traditional Turkish cymbal sound on all Hamer models." 

  • As you can see the top inner 14” are unlathed, raw and heavily Hand Hammered like a Turk Cymbal, and the outer 4” is golden, fully lathed. 

  • Big, deep hammer marks for added complexity. 

  • Perfect elixir of dark, complex, organic and warm! 

  • Weighing in at a gloriously THIN 1307 grams this Mehmet plays like an ultra dark very complex 18” Dark Crash with a light organic tone. 

  • The tone is very much like a fast Zildjian Crash of Doom! It's actually THAT complex sounding and it's wonderfully LOW PITCHED!  

  • Exceptionally responsive. Played-in vibe even though it's NEW looking. Low profile.  

  • Soft, quick response that opens up with even the lightest touch. Very fast decay.  

  • Perfect for low to medium loud volumes.  

  • Makes a great Light Complex Ride with soft touch. 

  • No issues. Clean! A stunning truly Dark Complex 18”  Crash that’s organic and very hard to find.   But here you can always listen first so you can buy with confidence!