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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

RARE EXOTIC Zildjian A CUSTOM REZO PANG 18” China Swish 1350 g

Original price $229.99 - Original price $229.99
Original price
$229.99 - $229.99
Current price $229.99
  • If I’m not mistaken, this is the LAST PANG that Zildjian ever produced.  
  • And that sucks because nothing sounds like the PANG!  It’s very different than China, slightly in construction but definitely in TONE! 

  • And that’s why it’s sucks that Zildjian discontinued these because they were unique sounding. 

  • And this right here is the extremely hard to find REZO PANG - many people didn’t even know this beauty existed! 

  • Fortunately, I have right here this gorgeous sounding Zildjian A Custom 18” REZO PANG. So you need not suffer.  

  • YES. A TRUE PANG!!  MELLOW! Ultra mellow in fact!  

  • And check out the craftsmanship on this REZO - alternate lathing.  

  • Often described as “exotic” sounding - the Pang has a flatter edge than a China, rounded bell, and has a more pronounced umbrella-shaped profile. This no doubt contributes to its Complexity. 

  • BUT, it has a mellowness to it as well!  Very smooth and mellow sounding. Halfway between a crash and a China and an alien! 

  • That’s this PANG. 

  • Absolutely glorious to ride on - super mellow and glowing tone that no other cymbal makes. 

  • 1350 grams gives it a thin to medium thin vibe and gives it a perfect weight to use as an alternate ride! 

  • Great dark patina chills it out. 

  • No issues. 

  • An exceptionally exotic sounding, rare Zildjian Pang.