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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$289.99 - $289.99
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  • Wonderfully DARK with bendable edges that wobble. Hints of DRYness, medium quick decay but with a robust fullness.  One of Istanbul’s newer series. 

  • Hell, no one actually HAS this beauty in the wild!! IN STOCK! But here we are! 

  • It's remarkably reminiscent of an Agop SE Jazz Crash but with a darker, more full tone. 

  • Have a listen. 

  • That's the vibe.  Mehmet has filed away under their "Jazz" line. This is appropriate since this 18” is based on what was formerly known as the Mel Lewis back when Agop and Mehmet still knew how to play nicely together.

  • HOWEVER, this being the "DRY Legend" the craftsmanship is NOTICEABLY different - dig the GORGEOUS circular Hand Hammering. 

  • Here's Mehmet's take on this new Legend Dry:
    "The new Legend Dry cymbals have the same profile and weight as Legend Cymbals, but the shallow lathing and hammered bell results more complex and drier sound."

  • Why the hell pay $440 for a big-box store K Constantinople?? Honestly. I promise this cymbal is infinitely DARKER than ANY ZILDJIAN K Cons. 

  • 1358 grams. Very DARK with a solid foot in smoky.   

  • At this weight, this 18” crashes with ease but it holds enough tension to make the perfect smaller Light Ride.  Amazing for lower volumes. 

  • Subtle definition and still emits a dark, hand-hammered wash that's fairly controlled compliments of that Dry Legend style craftsmanship. Plays like a gorgeous Full Dark Crash or Thin Dark Ride. And it is wonderfully complex and fairly smoky sounding. 

  • This is an incredibly versatile 18” with a very broad dynamic range!  Very quiet to loud. 

  • Immaculate condition. Only played for the video. 

  • It’s a Zildjian K killer.