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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Golden Glassy Bosphorus Traditional 20” CRASH ONLY 1408 g Warm PERFECT

Original price $299.99 - Original price $299.99
Original price
$299.99 - $299.99
Current price $299.99
  • This is a very hard to find Bosphorus - the Traditional Factory “Crash” in the Rare and BIG 20” size.

  • And it’s extremely thin - Paper Thin at 1408 grams.  The edges bend with ease and it is incredibly responsive with a golden shimmer.

  • Hand Hammered Bosphorus Traditional 20” Stamped “CRASH” in immaculate condition.

  • Fully lathed for maximum warmth with gorgeous Hand Hammering throughout for that famous Old World Turkish complexity.

  • This particular 20”’ Crash has a unique papery, golden shimmer to it.  Have a listen!

  • With a very LIGHT weight of ONLY 1408 grams this 20” Bosphorus Traditional is easily bendable.

  • The wash is exactly what you would expect from a Top of the Line Bosphorus - broad spread, warm, organic, great full Turkish tone. AND it is responsive at lower volume settings.

  • This particular 20” has a strong complexity to it but it still maintains that inimitable CLEAN Bosphorus tone!

  • Because it plays like a Paper Thin, the wash dissipates fairly quickly, but it still has a glorious warm and full tone for a thinner cymbal!

  • If you have a light touch this 20” Traditional Crash also makes a great Left Side Light Crash/Ride. And it pleads for rivets if you're so inclined.   

  • Perfect for very low to medium loud settings.  Beautiful to record.

  • Immaculate shape and very hard to actually find as a 20” factory Crash  - especially when you can listen to it first.