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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Very RARE Jamey Haddad Crescent HAPTIC CRASH 18” 1454 g Unlathed

Original price $339.99 - Original price $339.99
Original price
$339.99 - $339.99
Current price $339.99
  • Here’s a fascinating and very hard to find cymbal.  I have only seen one other of these! And this is long discontinued.  
  • A Jamey Haddad Signature Hand Hammered Crescent (Pre -Sabian) 18” Haptic Resonator Crash Effect Cymbal. 

  • This rare beauty is like an unlathed, raw Hand Hammered 18” meets a Crash Of Doom.  

  • Take a look at the edges! They are WAVY - and like the Crash of Doom this cymbal came from the factory that way.  It gives it a tremendous complexity and trashiness that opens up quickly and easily when struck with a stick or even your hand. 

  • As a matter of fact, here’s how this cymbal was described:
    “Crescent’s new Haptic series was developed for world music artist Jamey Haddad, who wanted cymbals that he could play with his bare hands as well as with sticks. 
    For drummers and percussionists who favor more unusual cymbal sounds, Crescent offers the Haptic Resonator, which is an ultra-thin, hand-hammered model that’s so flexible it droops on the stand.” 

  • There you go!  

  • Leave it to Jamey to create a unique sound. I took a lesson with him once and he is a bad ass player. Amazing. 

  • Weighing a lovely 1454 grams this wobbly 18” plays like a Thin Ultra Complex Crash.  It’s trashy and quick with a very broad spread. Extremely responsive at very low volumes but it definitely has enough attack and bite to cut a mix.  

  • A fantastic trashy crash or all-around unique EFX cymbal.  

  •  And be used as a smaller Dry Light Ride. 

  • Amazing condition. Logos purposely removed for more of a Vintage vibe. 

  • Very rare. Beautiful.