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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

DARK RAW Istanbul Mehmet TURK Crash 18” 1527 g PERFECT

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Original price
$299.99 - $299.99
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  • Here’s one of the nicest sounding DARK, organic crashes you will hear.  As far as Turks go, this one has a fullness but it still retains that famous dry, organic unlathed and raw tone with a faster decay. And it makes a killer Light Ride. 

  • Don’t settle for the stock photo guessing life. Have a listen to this exact cymbal and buy with confidence. 

  • This Istanbul sounds like a 60-year-old cymbal - Art Blakey nasty crash vibe. A Night In Tunisia.  

  • Istanbul Mehmet TURK Crash 18” in immaculate shape. 

  • This has long been one of Agop and Mehmet’s best-selling series. It put them on the map 30 years ago. 

  • Unlathed. Raw. Heavily Hand Hammered in the classic circular style. This one has gold and sienna hues with raw and blackened accents. 

  • The result is an absolutely fantastic sounding DARK DRY CRASH that cuts without clanking through life. As far as the Turk Series goes, this one has a bit more fullness but isn’t heavy handed. 

  • Dark and dry but can still cut. 

  • At 1527 grams it plays like Medium Thin Crash but it’s darker and lower-pitched than many a K Zildjian and plays a thinner than it weighs. 

  • Actually being Hand Hammered offers a rich, fullness that a machine-made Zildjian can only dream of. 

  • Smoky decay that is medium fast. 

  • Easily rideable with a light touch - you could use this cymbal all day as a smaller Dry Ride. 

  • Perfect for very soft to loud. 

  • No issues. Amazing shape. A true DARK DRY CRASH. Don’t guess on a stock photo. Listen and buy with confidence.