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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Super BENDABLE Paper Thin Bosphorus Black Pearl LIGHT 20” Ride Crash ONLY 1550 g PERFECT

Original price $349.99 - Original price $349.99
Original price
$349.99 - $349.99
Current price $349.99
  • Here’s a beautifully Hand Hammered Paper Thin 20” that is both dry, complex and has a beautiful LIGHTNESS to it. You hardly ever find these where you can hear it before you buy. 

  • Viola!! 
  • At only 1550 grams it plays like a Very Dry Light Papery Ride that Crashes with ease. 

  • THIS is what you wished the Zildjian K Light Ride was!  Because at ONLY 1550 grams, it’s TRULY a THIN Light Ride.  Like actually easily bendable THIN.  

  • Like very thin!! The Zildjian is 700 1000 grams heavier. Not exactly light. 

  • A fantastic Multi - Application 20” that can easily be your main ride cymbal or big Thin Left Side Crash Ride. It remains controlled. 

  • LOOKS 80 years old with its Vintage sienna copper-hued BRUSHED like Vintage Finish. 

  • As you can see, this stunning 20” has a Hand Hammered bell feeding into a lightly lathed or brushed massive plain, the last outer half-inch is golden.  This particular 20” even has a Mini Bell to control the overtones - which is a great design on a big THIN complex cymbal. 

  • The result is a cymbal that has all the wonderful light and complex tone of a truly Hand Hammered cymbal with the focus and drier attack of a sparsely lathed cymbal and the control of a Mini Bell.

  • 1550 grams. 
  • The pre-aged finish gives it a good attack while the Old-World Turkish craftsmanship lends its telltale complexity to the mix. 

  • Remarkably responsive at low to medium level volumes!  Great crash that’s NOT overwhelming. 

  • Light papery voice with distinctive earthen tone plus papery shimmer. Organic but glows. 

  • MESMERIZING to watch wobble and float about.

  • Amazing Light Complex Main Ride that remains controlled or use it as a crashable Left Side Ride. 
  • Harder to find - especially where you can hear it. Gorgeous craftsmanship. Immaculate condition. 

  •  A tribute to the art of cymbal making, and it sounds damn great too!