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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

PAPER THIN ULTRA DARK Smoky Bosphorus Master Sizzle Ride ONLY 1596 g Amazing

Original price $259.99 - Original price $259.99
Original price
$259.99 - $259.99
Current price $259.99
  • If you dig super dark, smoky, sweet-sounding Hand Hammered Sizzles that wobble all over, this is the cymbal to get!!
  • This Bosphorus MASTER Series has aged over the last 2 decades and is one of the sweetest sounding, dark, complex cymbals you will hear. Guaranteed.

  • Paper-thin weight at ONLY 1596 grams making it one of the thinner Bosphorus cymbals you will find.

  • Easily bendable.  Crashes like a dream.  When played lightly it glows with the darkness that stays in the lower-pitched, shadowy corners. 

  • Dark. Hand Hammered complex with lower tones dominant. Warm. Golden. Incredible rain-on-the-roof sizzle. Very light and airy sounding but with paper-thin whispy darkness.

  • Classic old-school BLUE Bosphorus factory ink on the underside. 

  • Primed for 4 rivets. Outfitted with all four.

  • An amazing condition that has aged for years.

  • Perfect for low to medium volumes. Great dark crash.

  • One of the nicest Dark Sizzles out there.