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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Huge ULTRA THIN Masterwork Prototype SULTAN Crash Ride 22” 1620 g

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  • He’s a gorgeous half-lathed beauty!  Pound for pound one of the nicest paper thin 22s” you will hear.  I guarantee that.  

  • Hand Hammered Masterwork Sultan style Prototype Paperthin Crash with a glorious wide, hand hammered, rounded over bell.  I’ve only seen three of these. 

  • As many a cymbalholic know, Masterwork makes some of the nicest, lush, Hand Hammered cymbals around and this is a prime example of their dedication to the art.  

  • Have a listen for yourself! 

  • As you can see, this Sultan (just like the Agop/Mehmet/Bosphorus versions) is Half-Lathed and Half-Unlathed and Heavily Hammered throughout. But none of them have a bell like this. 

  • The underside in fully Lathed. The bell is rounded generously and beautifully Hand Hammered.  However you'll be hard-pressed to find any of those other brands make a 1620 gram 22”  That would be thin for a 20”. 22s” are usually in the 2300 to 3200 gram range.  This is hundreds of grams lighter. 

  • Weighing in at a TRULY PAPER THIN 1620 grams, this Masterwork 22” plays like a huge Dark PAPERTHIN Fast Crash. GLORY BE!!!  

  • That’s a very rare combination for a 22”. A huge fast crash.  

  • When you crash this cymbal it opens very quickly and delivers a full and complex crash that has a glassiness to it, but remains a bit organic and smoky too. That’s the magic of this truly hand hammered 22”. 

  • Extremely responsive with a broad spread that remains smooth.  So responsive you can use it with hand percussion. It’s swells beautifully with a light focus and quick decay. 

  • Super bendable. 

  • Makes a gorgeous Ultra Light Ride. 

  • Amazing for recording and very low to medium volumes.  

  • Immaculate.  Sounds amazing.