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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

BLUE HUE PROTOTYPE Bosphorus 1600 20” PANG THANG CRASH 1644 g Ultra Complex

Original price $349.99 - Original price $349.99
Original price
$349.99 - $349.99
Current price $349.99

  • And in a stunning BLUE HUE!  Looks like the new 1600 Series or 20th Anniversary model! 

  • Buy with confidence! Have a listen to this beauty! 

  • Unique Bosphorus Prototype 20” PANG THANG Swish SMASH CRASH with a deep indigo blue hue factory pre aged finish. 

  • This One-Off GEM of a Prototype is a perfect mixture of the 1600 Series but with the a Prototype factory pre aged finish that darkens and dries up the tone. 

  • All with the super DEEP, massive cluster hammering on the edge Pang lip. 

  • I mean SUPER DEEP. like really, really deep! I’ve never seen anything like it before. 
  • Inspired by the Stanton Moore Pang Thang and Smash Crash back when Stanton was with Bosphorus….but this one has one-off Prototype craftsmanship with a unique finish and it has the profile of a CRASH! 

  • Wonderfully Thin at 1644 grams.  On a 20”. That’s pretty damn thin.  

  • Classic subtle PANG style steeper profile with the Pang Thang deep hammering but with a Smash Crash styled rounded over bell! 

  • Very deep hand hammering on the plain. 

  • Super broad spread - like a Swish or Pang - but much thinner and in the shape of a Crash. 

  • Ultra complex with a broad spread and cuts exceptionally well for such a thin cymbal while still remaining extremely responsive at lower volume settings. 

  • Very full when crashed upon. Organic. 

  • Absolutely fantastic alternate riding - vintage exotic tone.   

  • Immaculate condition. No issues. Gorgeous craftsmanship with a standout BLUE finish. 

  • No big company makes anything like this Prototype 20” PANG Swish Crash. 

  • Hell, Bosphrous doesn’t even offer it!  A unique piece.