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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

PERFECT Complex Zildjian K Custom Special Dry TRASH CRASH 21” THIN 1663 g

Original price $419.99 - Original price $419.99
Original price
$419.99 - $419.99
Current price $419.99
  • No need to spend $500 for a stock photo and a guess at what might show up!!  Yes. $500 for a new one. 

  • LISTEN to this one! And a very responsive and THIN 21”.  This is the largest sized they make in this model.  

  • A 21”!! 

  • Zildjian K Custom Special Dry TRASH CRASH 21”in IMMACULATE shape. Perfect. 

  • Ultra Complex Crash Effects 21” that opens quickly and has a broad spread with a dry exhale.  

  • Ultra Paperthin weight at only 1663 grams. This is the thinnest one I’ve seen.  

  • What’s amazing is that this one has no problem cutting through - the attack is aggressive and it’s followed by a fast organic, complex, famously trashy wash. But it’s still remains quite responsive and comes alive with a light strike. 

  • The Raw Bell supplies a great cut - and that’s a nice thing on a dark K Custom.

  • Deep K Custom hammering and rife with holes. 

  • If you have a light touch you can easily use this beauty as a small Light Complex Alternate Ride. 

  • Zildjian describes this cymbal as:
    “Dry, funky trash crash sound with plenty of dirt that explodes and shuts down quickly.”

  • How’s that for sexxxxay?!!    

  • And it’s in the largest sized 21”!! 

  • One of Zildjian’s most popular effects cymbals, and would good reason. 

  • Trashy. Complex. Organic. Responsive. This one is thin but it’s surprisingly capable at louder volumes too! 

  • Immaculate condition. Perfect.  

  • And not $500.