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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Immaculate Inverted PAISTE 2002 NOVO China 20” 1696 g MELLOW DARK

Original price $269.99 - Original price $269.99
Original price
$269.99 - $269.99
Current price $269.99
  • Long stalwarts of innovation, this NOVO China exemplifies some of Paiste’s dedication to new designs and sounds.  

  • A mainstay of the 2002 line, as you can see this famous NOVO China sports the inverted design.  It’s like chinas went one way in the 40s, then went upside down in the 70s, and the Paiste made the upside-down right-side up….somehow…kinda. 

  • Paiste describes this Novo as: 
    “Very bright, slightly trashy, full, exotic. Wide range, complex mix. Fast, responsive, explosive crash, loud, clear defined bell. Very unique, versatile china for flexible application.”

  • And that’s all well and good, however, I would not call this specific NOVO bright - it’s actually fairly dark, but definitely fast, exotic with an explosive crash. Yessir. 

  • 1696 grams. This is one of the THINNEST ones I’ve seen by about 160 grams!  It’s very mellow and dark for the series. 

  • Of the others, I’ve owned this one is on the lower-pitched side and even has a mellowness when played lightly. 

  • Classic 2002 NOVO. It’s been around for decades! 

  • No issues. ONLY played for the video. A few fingerprints from admirers.