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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

FINE LATHE Warm Complex Masterwork Custom PAPERTHIN 21” Crash Ride 1736 g

Original price $279.99 - Original price $279.99
Original price
$279.99 - $279.99
Current price $279.99
  • This is a fantastic sounding Paper Thin Crash Ride - amazing! 

  • Here’s a beautiful looking and sounding 21” CUSTOM Crash Ride. Super lush and dark with a golden complexity but it remains smooth.  

  • And it’s and incredibly thin 1736 grams.  Bends with EASE. Super thin edges.  You could use it for hand percussion it’s that THIN!

  • Gorgeous golden, super fine lathing makes this custom Paperthin Masterwork WARM, organic/trashy and smooth - a very rare combination. 

  • So responsive a ladybug could use this for hand percussion. 
  •  The edges wobble like my legs on St. Patrick’s Day 

  • This gorgeous 21” has a dark, airy, glorious organic complexity to it -  which is a miracle on such a large cymbal.  Wonderfully complex. 
  • It opens quickly and decays quickly as well for its larger size.  Mesmerizing with mallets, brushes, beautiful when played with your hands, and obviously sounds incredible with a stick and recorded. 

  • Enormous Dark Crash or super fine Ultra Light Ride. 
  • You will not find a head-turner like this from any big company. Not much out there that does THIS! 

  • Immaculate and a blast to play.  Very musical!