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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

RARE SUPER DARK Semi-Dry ISTANBUL Mehmet 20” VEZIR Jazz Ride Sizzle 1797 g PERFECT

Original price $339.99 - Original price $339.99
Original price
$339.99 - $339.99
Current price $339.99
  • Darker, organic, and much more musical than any K Constantinople could dream to be. Actually Hand Hammered!  And it’s so dark it could even pass as a 22”. 

  • Fully lathed golden top, raw, unlathed underside, that's the ISTANBUL Vezir.  

  • And in the 20” Factory Sizzle it has a quick response and great control with the light and subtle afterglow of two factory rivets.

  • Hell, I don’t think Agop even offers this series anymore.  It’s very hard to find. 

  • This craftsmanship combination provides the Goldilocks zone for a terrific, controlled stick attack followed by a glowing warm wash that remains controlled but still has body. However, that wash dissipates faster than a fully lathed Traditional Style cymbal would. Therein, lies the magic of this cymbal. 

  • This particular 20” Istanbul  VEZIR is darker than most - it could even pass as a larger 22” because it’s low pitched. But again, it has the faster response of a smaller sized 20”. 

  • Very Dark, low-profile, low pitch, easily crashable, extremely mellow with a beautiful complexity and light, controlled sizzle for a touch of vintage flair. 

  • A perfect LIGHT RIDE or even Big Dark Crash.

  •  Controlled. Responsive. Organic. Deep complexity. 

  • 1797 grams gives it a Thin weight and playability.  

  • Immaculate condition. In the bag! 

  • This Series was one of the early Istanbuls and it is this kind of handiwork and musicality that propelled the company to great recognition.  It’s one of the nicest series Istanbul offers.

  • Absolutely Zildjian K killer - have a listen yourself.