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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

PAISTE Giant Beat 20” Crash Ride Multi 1832 g

Original price $279.99 - Original price $279.99
Original price
$279.99 - $279.99
Current price $279.99
  • Fortunately you need stare at a stock photo and wonder what this Paiste sounds like. 

  • You can hear this exact cymbal. 

  • The famous Paiste GIANT BEAT 20” Crash Ride Multi-Application Cymbal. 

  • Only 1832 grams. The edges bend easily. 

  • This is an absolutely glorious-sounding, glowing big thin crash with a fairly quick decay. 

  • Being the 20”, it offers a very lush and glowing sound.  Makes an incredible Light Ride with a light touch. 

  • Paiste describes this Giant Beat as:
    “Deep, dark, rich, brilliant, warm. Wide range, fairly complex mix. Even, balanced, very responsive feel. Pearly, wooden ping over a wide, deep, full wash. Big, swelling crash sound. Strong, articulate embedded bell. An ultimate classic sound, developed in 1967 during one of popular music's most revolutionary eras.”

  • And that is accurate! 

  • The keywords here are Dark. Warm. Brilliant. Big swelling crash. 

  • Soft and billowing with a lush crash tone and rich spread.  Decays medium fast for a larger cymbal. 

  • Overall very clean. Strong logos. Typical light tiny ripples/light use - common in all paper-thin Paistes.