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$499.99 - $499.99
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  • Here’s a Rare K Constantinople. This beauty was only made for a brief window and it was the ONLY HYBRID style K Cons they made. 

  • The famous Zildjian K Constantinople HI BELL THIN HIGH RIDE 20”  in fantastic condition!

  • A true Dry Complex K Constantinople.  

  • Aged and mellow 17 years.  This was a hard to find Zildjian even when they were being produced. 

  • Check out the alternating wide band gold and natural lathing on the inside that gives way to a fully lathed outer portion. 

  • All with the K Cons Armand Signature emblazoned on the underside. 

  • Weighing in at a THIN to Paper Thin 1843 grams this Killer K plays like a Thin Light Complex Semi-Dry Ride.
  • The initial stick attack is fairly dry but what's amazing is that the ensuing wash is slightly nastier and more complex than most dry rides. 

  • The definition is prominent and definitely dark in tone and the proceeding wash has more of an "AAAHHH" to it than most dry rides do. More complex than the K Cons of this era. 

  • Controlled yet with a complexity to it. As the overtones swim around, they never eclipse the initial attack. The bell rises high off the plain and  is semi-integrated and cuts nicely without being overbearing-it's perfect for "the latin thing."

  • When you crash on this Hybrid K Cons , it reveals its darkest side-much nastier than a regular K. 

  • More complex, more organic, yet still semi-dry. 

  • It can easily be a BIG Dry Complex Crash. Perfect for accents while riding. The wash decays very quickly for 20”. 

  • No issues. Incredible shape! Light and mellowed 17 year old  patina. Hard to find. Collectible. Perfect for absolutely any style. 

  • One of Zildjian’s best cymbals from their best series.